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frightening sideshow car stunts that took place on highway 880. details next.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> at this point i am just
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numb. >> pam: at 11 -- a mother waiting for answers as today police swarm a san francisco home. digging for clues in the kevin collins. who went missing in 1984. here's a map to show a couple of key locations in this case. on the day kevin went missing, he left basketball practice at saint agnes high school in the haight. he was last seen at oak street and masonic. today -- bones were found in a home on masonic. near page street. kron-4's reggie kumar begins our live team coverage in san francisco. reggie, what's the latest? >> reporter: the bones were discovered on the masonic st. but they are from an animal, not a human. san francisco investigators say cadavar dogs indicated the presence of possible human remains under the
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concrete floor of this home near the 1100 block of masonic street. several people spent most of tuesday removing large chunks of concrete, and dirt in order to locate the remains. once they were found, the medical examiner determined they were animal bones. so they may not be linked to kevin collins, who disappeared in 1984.police say the resident who lives in the home is not a suspect, i knocked on the door. but no one answered. emma marson lives next door. she says detectives came to her home a month ago. >> i can just see into that backyard and detectives came into my room like a month ago and were taking pictures out the window. they said they were investigating a 20 year homicide. >> reporter: bay are going to continue to do forensic evidence regarding this case. reggie kumar, kron 4.
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>> pam: new tonight at 11 -- kevin collins mother speaks to kron4 over the phone. she shares her thoughts. moments after police told her about the initial search at the san francisco home. >> and was upset because it was just a few doors away from where he disappeared. maybe we will have an answer. and basically i have to spend #all day. it is heard fohurtful for them to see them at that age. it brings back things in the very beginning it all comes up. >> pam: we also spoke to kevin's brother -- brian collins. he says he and his siblings are weary. our team coverage continues now with kron-4's charles clifford.
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who takes a look back at how this case has progressed over the past. nearly three decades. >> reporter: kevin collins was born in san francisco on january 24th 1974. his parents, david and ann collins, had a total of nine children. when kevin disappeared on febuary 10th , 1984 the family was living along sutter street in san francisco's western addition. in the days and weeks after his disappearance, the entire city was swept up in the search for kevin. >> we were really in shock from the first two weeks. it is difficult to believe that the was gone. >> reporter: volunteers scoured city parks and his pictured appeared on posts and billboards across the bay area. kevin's parents were exhausted by the search for their son. within weeks the story was picked up nationally. kevin's picture even appeared on the cover of newsweek magazine and he was one of the first missing children to featured on milk cartons. but the boy's where abouts remained a mystery. kevin's parents eventually set up the kevin collins
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foundation and searched for their son tirelessly for more than a decade. over the years, tips would >> i think that he is deceased. i think that many of my family feels that way. >> reporter: occasionally come in giving the family hope. in 1994, a former priest at san quentin charles clifford, kron 4. never be found alive. in 1996, the kevin collins foundation closed it's doors due to a lack of funding. david and ann collins eventually divorced, torn apart by the stress of searching for their missing son. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: new at 11. police are asking for the public's help to find a missing 14-year-old girl. in hayward police say, maritza yanez left her house on patrick avenue and harder road. after an argument with her father. she has shut down her facebook page. and has not contacted any family members. since she was last seen on sunday.
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walnut creek police are investigating a violent armed robbery at the jewlery store.davidson and licht. it happened this afternoon at broadway plaza near main street in downtown walnut creek. witnesses say two suspects barged in, one sprayed employees with pepper spray while the other broke the display cabinets with a sledge hammer. police say a third suspect drove the get-away car - a newer model black infiniti sux f-x 35. >> also new at 11. police believe this man is connected to a deadly shooting at a pittsburg gas station. brian keith is suspected of shooting one man in the head. this morning. it happened at a union 76 gas station on railroad avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital and later died. keith is considered armed and dangerous. >> jacqueline: we are in for a warmer weather. some 60s to the north. take a look at
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current conditions rather mild. 52 in novado. still chilly through vallejo. we are expecting chilly temperatures with 30's and 40's but noticeably warmer for tomorrow. this warming trend will continue for the next several days. will take a look at your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. >> pam: san francisco's nudity ban will soon go into effect. we'll tell you when! plus -- new 9-1-1 calls released by c-h-p following this weekend's sideshow stunt. >> gary: coming up we will go to new orleans with joe montana, and the warriors looking good with sports, back later
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>> we are now just five days
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away from the super bowl. and things are heating up in the host city - new orleans. media from around the world made their way to the superdome in big easy today. including kron 4's j.r. stone. he reports from new orleans. >> reporter: this was media day today and new orleans. >> i could not have been twitter account. >> i have been waiting 18 years i have everything going on and especially,
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with only sharon osborn of was the celebrity that i've seen at this point. reporting from new orleans, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. and stay with kron-4 for it bit him live coverage of super bowl week from new orleans. you can always get updates on our web site. kron-4-dot- com. and on our facebook and sunday night. we'll have live special super bowl coverage from 7-to-9 p-m. live special super bowl coverage from 7-to-9 p-m. there is no mass produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience.
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>> the c-h-p released 9-1-1 calls from the dangerous "sideshow" stunt. that stopped traffic on interstate 880 near the oakland coliseum over the weekend. let's listen.
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>> i am on the 880. >> what are you reporting? >> we are right near the colosseum. these cars are doing doughnuts. >> how many vehicles? >> there are a number of young teenagers. they are on the nimitz freeway. i've never seen such anything like this. they are stopping all of the vehicles. >> they are just all over the roadways >> they are taking over the freeway. what ever they are doing it is not ok. "i can't believe this" >> pam: c-h-p investigators are currently reviewing videos from the incident. in an attempt to track down the drivers who are responsible. c-h-p investigators are currently reviewing videos
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from the incident. in an attempt to track down the drivers who are responsible. >> pam: five high school football players in vallejo have been expelled, for allegedly hazing and bullying six underclassmen. a spokesperson for st patrick- st. vincent high school says, there were multiple incidents that happened inside the locker room during football season last fall. the head coach has also been fired because the abuse happened during unsupervised practices. we have ranged for families to pursue any counseling or legal issues. just to make sure that we've learned lessons like this and make sure that it does not happen again. >> pam: the school would not give details about what went on during the hazing, but say, it was serious enough for them to alert the vallejo police department. vallejo police say, they
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will not launch an investigation until the kids involved come forward. no one has so far, so it's unclear if any of the expelled students will face any criminal charges. san francisco's ban on public nudity will take effect on friday. a federal judge today ruled the city ordinance. which the board of supervisors approved last month. does *not violate the free speech rights of nudists. he also rejected the argument that the ordinance was unfair because it grants exceptions for public nudity at permitted public events such as the city's gay pride parade. >> today president obama signed a 50-point-five billion dollar superstorm sandy aid bill. the measure was approved by congress late monday. it took congress three months to approve the emergency funding. last year's october storm struck the northeast. killing at least 130 people. >> pam: it's official-- john kerry will take over as the 68th secretary of state. the longtime senator from massachusetts and 2004 democratic presidential
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nominee was overwhelmingly confirmed by his colleagues in the senate. the vote was 94 to three. the no votes came from three republican senators. kerry's confirmation makes him the first new member of president obama's second- term cabinet. in alabama -- police are searching for the gunman who got on a school bus and shot the driver several times. and ran off with a 6-year- old passenger. authorities say the man shot the driver after he refused to let the child off the bus. the driver later died. police say the shooter took the child a nearby church. where police were negotiating with him. we'll continue to update the story on our kron4 morning news. >> jacqueline: some high clouds we do have an area of high pressure that is selling off shore. that is driving storms to the north. with dry conditions and warmer temperatures. a reversal or winds. 30's and
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40's through santa rosa, vallejo. 39 in concord, 40's for the east bayshore. for the afternoon highs very nice and sunny skies. 50s and los gatos. for the inland valleys also low 60s. low 60s for the east bay shore with the exception of alameda. and for the north bay below mid-60s. for the sierras, we're also going to see mild conditions breezy. temperatures in the 40's with the dry conditions as we go towards the weekend. it will stay dry. it will cool down a bit for the weekend but just call coverage. the next chance will not happen until wednesday, thursday but that is still quite a few days
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away. right here on kron-4. >> this quadriplegic received an amazing surgery. he cannot wait until he gets back to normal activities like driving.
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gary radnich is coming up with sports well, well, well.
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>> gary: could evening, everybody. we are getting closer to saturday even sunday, super bowl! alex
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smith, and the gang. colin kaepernick with a brim straight across. >> he just does not seem to panic. >> to me it is just focusing on but we are getting done is great to of all the cameras and the people here. but we are here to win a game. just because we're in a situation that we are taught in before it does not mean that we do have to feel pressure. >> and money cannot buy everything but i think that he is too smart to take the bait. >> things happen and that is just the deal. for me, it is getting ready for the next
11:27 pm
opportunity. >> all i think that there is this could also pass. >> this is a blessing just to be in the super bowl. >> gary: you do not have to worry about him, he is a winner all the way around. >> perhaps randy moss it does not have any idea or have heard about jerry rice. >> i do not believe live about numbers, i just believe that i'm the greatest receiver that has ever played this game. >> gary: the reason why it that i do not jump them is that it is late, you are tired. had and anything i will do that could. law that haazig madyu -- to --good but nt billboard out in front. i will soon be on it. and now
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it used to just be pam and i. and now, jacqueline. >> pam: jacqueline, deservedly so on the bill board. >> gary: light of a vast people to throw anything on it. a tomato, or even an egg. >> pam: i appreciate it. >> gary: let me get to the harbaugh footage. and i honestly think that they are both authentic they love their parents. all we school, never controversial. he let it rip. good luck 49ers looking forward to agree to superbowl. and the sharks, while everybody is watching the 49ers that are
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6-0. patrick marleau 9 goals for the 5-0 sharks coming in didn't score tonight 3rd period/ 2-1 ducks logan couture scores to tie the game with 2:45 left 2-2 shootout 3-2 sharks teemu selanne hits it off the post shaerks win! antti niemi had 28 saves final: 3-2 sharks sharks are 6-0 host edmonton thursday warriors andrew bogut. not playing the 2nd of back-to-back games stephen curry also out with a sprained ankle 3rd quarter/ 64-55 warriors david lee dishes to klay thompson for the two-handed final: 108-95 warriors the sharks had victory! we are the sports center of full capacity. >> and good night, everybody

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